Sri Baalaagi Tex produces one the finest qualities of Cotton Grey Fabric. As in all fabrics produced at Sri Baalaagi Tex, Cotton Grey Fabric is also an imported quality. Cotton Grey Fabric is purely 100% cotton and can be sought as an alternative to Grey Woven Fabric.


Cotton finds varied uses across many categories because of its unique properties. We weave it in different techniques so that it satisfies specific needs of our clients.

Complete Clothing Solution

Used for bed sheets, curtains, bed covers, bed spreads manufacturing.

Home Textiles

Jackets, blazers, sweatshirts.

Kitchen Items

Used for kitchen aprons, mittens, table cloths, napkins.


Sri Baalaagi Tex produces the Linen Grey Fabrics which is a part of a wide range of custom made fabrics that we offer. Linen Fabric is a hot favorite in tropical conditions such as India and the subcontinent. It is stronger than cotton yet softer and allows abundant passage of air, hence suitable for places with hot climate.


Linen Fabrics are used to manufacture table clothes, napkins, clothing, decoration materials.


Sri Baalaagi Tex is also often referred as the "people of the Lycra". We have been weaving Lycra Grey Fabric since we started our operation in 1995. Lycra fabrics produced at Sri Baalaagi Tex is of different specialties like Cotton Lycra Poplins, Cotton Polyester Lycra Poplins, Cotton Nylon Lycra Twills, Cotton Modal Lycra stretch Satins, Cotton Tencel Lycra Poplin, Linen Lycra Dobbies, Bamboo Lycra Voils, Cotton Soybean Lycra Herring Bones and other Blends.


Lycra Fabric has the characteristic of being modeled into any form. This property of Lycra enables it be used across many industries.
* Sportswear and lingerie - swimsuits, wetsuits, active wear, bras, legging, socks, underwear, sportswear, disco jeans, slacks and dance belts.
* Also used in the manufacture of socks.


It is usually constructed by floating the warp or lengthwise yarns over four filling or horizontal yarns. The long floats give the fabric luster. These Lycra satin fabrics are mainly used in the manufacture of ladies party wear.


* Largely used as ground weaves for spotted and figured clothes.
* Mixed with other materials like polyester, nylon, silk it can be used to manufacture variety of clothes.
* Keeping with the trend satin can be used to make quality party wear.


Nylon Grey Fabric is a poly amide made from petroleum. It is lightweight, durable and strong and also dries very quickly. It is a good alternative to the otherwise very costly silk. Nylon fabric is also widely used in industrial applications, home furnishings and also in geotextile.

Specific Applications

* Hosiery.
* Track pants, shorts, swimwear, active wear, windbreakers.
* Bedspread and draperies.
* Moulded articles, medical sutures and textiles.
* Plastic bags.


We make it in various blends catering to the varied test of our clients. Cotton Polyster Grey Fabric also has very low shrinkage and is also resistant to pilling due to the presence of polyester. 100% cotton is blended with 100%polyester. They are bailable in bleached, dyed and printed patterns as per the requirement of the clients.


We weave these fabrics in different variants. These variants can be used for various purposes.
* Bedsheets
* Room curtains
* Clothing Solutions
* Shrouds
* Blanket Covers


Best quality raw material is used in the manufacturing process to ensure high comfort, softness and color-fastness. Eying the local as well as global market demands, a varied range is manufactured with beautiful colors, design and patterns as per the latest fashion trends. Dobby Grey Fabrics are manufactured by implementing small geometric patterns which imparts an extra texture to the cloth.


Dobby Grey Fabrics are manufactured using extreme precision. It is also modified by patterns and weaving to suit various purposes. They have a wide range of application across industries that manufacture diapers to industries that manufacture home decor. It also is widely used to manufacture decent handbags and basic polo shirts.