Our Flexibility towards working with new trends resulted in having wide range of Fabrics and Designs in our design room. Which will lead our customers to have a diverse idea over designing on their visits.



Being a employer of choice is a rare feat. And Elite accomplishes that by aiming to attract, retain and nurture talent. We have a well trained team with which can place and track every phase of the order to be on time and meeting standards required.



We have long term tie-up with dyeing units with world class machineries which abides all chemical and physical testing standards. Whole process is done with sustainable / eco friendly methods. All our products comply to reach standards.



We have our 42 inhouse weaving machines with a capacity of 2,00,000 mtrs per month which can offer utmost quality in end product.



We have a separate sampling unit with 6 single needle machines, augmented with a modern fleet of specialized machines including a state of the art fusing machine, capable of sampling up to 150 pieces per month. The sampling unit works with the merchandising to deliver fashion-forward, quality products in keeping with the buyer’s requirements.



The Production Unit has a capacity of over 25,000 pieces a month equipped with 105 single needle machines and 28 special machines for various finishing including machines for over-lock, feed-off arm and buttoning and button-holing etc. The production unit have expert staff of roughly 240 expert workforce managed by a Production Manager and overseen by a Quality Controller. Single Needle ----- 105
Special Machines- 28
Work Force -------240
Production Capacity/month 25000



We offer our clients the finest embroidery. Our associate embroidery unit has an advanced digitized embroidery system with several multi-head machines and uses the best quality needles and threads in keeping with our high quality standards. We also offer our clients delicate and exquisite hand embroidery through our association with hand embroidery units. Our range of embroidery includes, thread work, bead work, sequin work on a wide range of fabrics.



We liaise with exclusive screen printing and digital printing units that are well equipped to handle high quality garment printing. We offer a variety of print types including pigment, non pvc, discharge, flock, foil etc on a wide range of fabrics from 100% cotton to synthetic fabrics.



To ensure right finished look and the appropriate hand-feel for our products, we associate with superior laundry and washing units in Chennai and Bangalore. Our associates have a capacity of up to 4,000 pieces per day per unit and can offer a variety of finishes such as basic silicone softener, enzyme wash, golf ball and rubber ball washes etc. In addition to this we offer our clients garment dyeing, cold pigment dyeing and other innovative hand Processes on garments like pigment sprays and brushing.



We have long term tie-up with renowned finishing units. Those can plan their work depending on requirements of end product. We generally use eco friendly chemicals to finish our products .


Packing / Delivery

Our Quality team inspects complete end products before delivery. Checking them against the standards required and plans delivery upon customers priority.

The Backbone of Our Quality Fabrics - Our Infrastructure

A Few of our machines

Dornier AWV8/s

Dornier AWV8/s is a heavy-duty machine made to fulfill high demands of textile industry.  It has helped us to meet all our client demands on time.  It is a "made in Germany" product that is manufactured to perfection.  It gives efficient productivity not compromising on quality in the process.

Toyota Jat – 710

Jat 710 is equipped with the latest electronics thus provides greater flexibility. At Weaving Mills we speak about providing you versatile products, that is made possible by our machines such as Jat 710. It has different options for creating fabrics with different specifications. It has the Air Gripper Systems (AGS), Welt Insertion Device Yarns of Different Types and Counts,   Electronic Selvat Motion (ESM), Electronic Shedding Motion (E-shed).


Rifa is available in three different variants. The different variants are used to manufacture fabrics of different kinds. These machines are controlled by a central computing system and also have a memory card. The information is carried on by the memory card,   thus eliminating any chances of human errors.

Sultex L5500

Sultex L5500 has been a trusted weaving machine since 1834.  Recently with its new technology it has achieved its recognition as the fastest weaving machine in the world.  It's fast operation allows us to meet the time constraints of our clients demands.

Few of our other machines are Shuttle less Sulzer projectile looms,   Toyota Air Jet Looms,  Rapier looms and Ruti’C’ Looms for woven fabrics in width(s) ranging from 26” to 144” .  Dolby for flexibility in weave to cover all types of patterns viz.  ribs,   stripes,   checks,   diamonds etc.