In our concern we offer the dyeing and finishing of organic cottons also follow a strict procedure for chemical use in processing,  eliminating all materials harmful to the body and the environment as per the client needs and requirements.


There is a lot of demand for cotton fibers in the market,  but most of them involve usage of toxic materials for making fabric. That is why Organic Cotton has emerged as an alternative.

Organic cotton fiber is used in

Personal care items

Sanitary products,  make-up removal pads,  cotton puffs and ear swabs.

Home furnishings

Towels,  bathrobes,  sheets,  blankets,  bedding.

Kitchen Items

Used for kitchen aprons,  mittens,  table cloths,  napkins.


Sorona is a chemical component brand of DuPont. It was named and commercialized in 2000. The fibers are claimed to be both soft and extremely stain resistant plus high strength and stiffness.


Sorona standard products are versatile and can be modeled for use across various application. Marked by International Standard resistance assurance it is used widely across the apparel industry in the manufacture of dynamic fit denim,  permanent flex woven,  easy stretch woven and ultra-soft knits. It is sourced to other apparel manufacturers widely who want to upgrade the raw material they use for manufacture.


These are manufactured to be soft and fluid. Tencel Woven Fabric is one of those fabrics that compliment the human body most. Other qualities of tencel fabric are that it is comfortable,  long lasting,  color rich and easy to maintain.


* Tencel is used in various industries.
* In manufacturing mens wear,  sheets,  blankets and towels.
* For all traveling purpose materials owing to its light weight nature.
* Also available as fabric for sewing,  as yarn for knitting or crocheting.
* In making bandages,  baby wipes,  oil filters and carpeting for cars.
* In making conveyor belts and plastic parts.
* In powder or fiber form,  this material is used in making specialized papers and foam mattresses.
* Tencel Fabric qualities.


We are most reputed concern engaged in providing high quality of modal fabrics for our clients. These fibres is processed in various conditions to supply a best fabrics for our customers.


Cotton finds varied uses across many categories because of its unique properties. We weave it in different techniques so that it satisfies specific needs of our clients.
* Rayon and rayon crepe using modal fabric as wefts and silk as warps,
* Cotton industry uses modal as warps shirts and sports-wear clothing uses,
* Wool sector uses it in combination with 100% wool yarns to make jacquard fabrics which have a unique dull/bright sheen.
* Jacquard fabrics are also utilized widely to manufacture towels.


We are the unique designers in the market. Our designer undergone with new technology to design these fabrics to meet the various requirement of our customers.


Linen is used to make various kinds of apparel for men and women such as shirts and pants. It is also used in the making of home textile products such as towels,  sheets and tablecloths.


Natural bamboo fiber textile is extracted directly different from bamboo viscose,  which is produced by chemical processing. The bamboo fabric we offer does not contain any chemical additives.


Used to weave light fabrics. The bedding made by bamboo fibre has an excellent performance in the field of breathability and permeability which makes it more suitable to be used in home textiles. It is also used to make industrial textiles.


Soybean fibers are sustainable and don't need chemicals to grow effectively. Soybean is a renewable resource and the soy protein fiber is made using by-products of the soybean industry.


It can used to make apparel for men and women.


The x-static fiber has a layer of pure silver permanently bonded to the surface of a textile fiber. The process is such that the fiber,  with its sliver layer,  retains traditional textile and tactile characteristics. It can be used in knits,  woven and nonwoven as either a filaments or spun yarn.


It is mainly used to make hospital linen.


CoolMax fabric is specially engineered polyester fabric that is used to improve breathability. It keeps the body cool and increases evaporation. Coolmax fibres are not round,  but are slightly oblong in cross-section with grooves running lengthwise along the threads which increase evaporation.


CoolMax is found in a wide variety of garments from mountain climbing gear,  to casual sportswear and underwear. It is also used to make mattress covers,  bedsheets and night suits.